Food Pack 3

5.00 USD

Included In This File:


  • Round Bowl Drinks x2
  • Drinks x3
  • Fish Dish
  • Calamari Dish
  • Prawn Dish
  • Bowl Of Octopus
  • Loose Octopus Leg
  • Loose Prawn
  • Loose Cooked Fish
  • Loose Fish Cake
  • Loose Calamari


  • The above props (3D Model & Textures) - 14 Items
  • Read Me File with more information about the package and MPW
  • Inventory Pictures


  • This package uses FiveM Asset Escrow
  • File type: ydr and ytype
  • This package includes ox_inventory support. Co-ords and animations are given in a copy & paste format.
  • The "loose" pieces are enlarged so that it is more visible in the players hand when eating it
  • Ready to drag and drop into resource folder and ensure in server.cfg
  • These props are universal and will work with any script that can use props
  • Before purchasing, make sure to read our Terms Of Use
  • Want to make a suggestion for an update to this pack or other suggestions for a future pack, you can do this in our Discord